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Mold In The Austin Home, A Serious Matter

Damage Caused By Mold and Mildew

Austin mold damage may not be immediately evident until such time that it has become widespread. Then mold can become a health hazard as well as a disintegration agent. Molds that grow in an open environment look organic and appear greenish to brown. However, it can also develop inside the home without the owner’s knowledge, especially if the conditions are ideal – moist and warm.

Some Molds are Extremely Toxic

Molds are a toxic genus of fungus that could become poisonous and therefore a health hazard. On top of being a health hazard, it is also growing and feeding on any organic material that it touches. The result, the material host, decays to sustain the growth of the molds. Mold growth usually happens on perpetually moist walls or posts, under the carpet, trees, and leaves. If left to breed for a long time, mold damage Austin will lead to the weakening and eventual destruction of wherever it proliferates on. The homeowners only recourse will be to call in an Austin mold remediation service

Water Leaks

Mold damage sets in for many reasons. Many times, you can avoid mold sometimes not. Unknown to the homeowner, there could be a tiny pipe leak hidden and unseen at the back of the walls or floorboards. Water leaks on the roof can cause molds to develop on the ceiling as well as the walls. Excess water damage caused by fire cleanups can also induce mold growth in places that are not often visited or cleaned.

Inhaled Mold Spore Cause Respiratory Problems

Mold spores can travel to other places through the air. So when it landed on organic material and allowed to stay there for a long time, it will start developing and damaging your home or furniture. When inhaled by the unsuspecting home occupants and pets, could result in a host of illnesses such as respiratory, intestinal and neurological.

Mold Can Make a House Uninhabitable

Unchecked mold growth will lead to the decay of your property. In a less severe scenario, it can cause discoloration or staining. Discoloration and staining have been the case for thousands of antique items that were meant to be preserved but found eaten away by mold growth because they have been left unchecked and unmaintained for a long time.

Moisture Must be Controlled

After a fire or flood disaster, taking out the smoke odor and cleaning off the soot on the walls, floors and other fixtures is not sufficient. A professional water damage restoration service can do a complete cleanup not only the smoke and soot but also the moisture that is not seen by the naked eye and the mold that can be developing in the hidden recesses of your home.


Restoration Contractors Serving Austin TX

Experts In Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Kitchen FireExpertise and compassion are the top reasons ATEX Water Damage Restoration should be your first choice for any water damage restoration job. ATEX also specializes in fire and, water damage restoration, mold remediation and natural disaster reconstruction services in the Austin area. Their highly trained and recommended restoration contractors can help you and your family recover hope while restoring your property to its original condition.

Water and Fire Damage Repair Austin TX

Your time is precious, especially when there is damage to your property. Finding somewhere to stay, inventorying damaged possessions, dealing with a fire damage restoration company, handling the insurance adjuster; it all can become too much. That is why ATEX fire damage specialists are trained in more than just restoration


After a fire it often seems like it is necessary to start over with your property. More than just possessions were damaged. Often the structure itself needs repair as well as repainted and drywalled. It can be a stressful process choosing all these different companies to trust with the restoration of your home, and each company adds to the cost of repairs. That is why ATEX does it all. They have trained contractors who can do more than conventional construction. ATEX Austin drywall specialists can easily have your home or work drywalled in just a few days and ready to return to daily use.

Water Damage

Although you can waterproof drywall to an extent, its material is very susceptible to water damage. Because drywall is lightweight and porous, water seeps inward causing the drywall to swell and disintegrate. During this process, it supports rampant mold growth. ATEX can take all necessary precautions when putting up the new drywall, providing covalent waterproofing.

Board-Up Services – Damaged Property Protection

The priority after your home or business has suffered structural damage to ensure that no further damage occurs. The best way to do this is to board up any broken windows or opening in the building. Then, if the structure’s support system is damaged, ATEX will provide temporary support for the building. They also use other methods such as tarping to ensure the protection of the building from further damage as well as intruders.

Board-Up Before a Disaster

Sometimes being prepared is the best way to ensure your family and property is safe. When a possible hurricane or other disaster is on the way, we can come to your home or business and provide board-up and tarping of your property to prevent as much damage as possible. ATEX may also be able to help you pack some of your most precious belongings for evacuation.

Benefits of Boarding Up Your Property

  • It helps prevents robberies and vandalism.
  • It helps prevent further damage costs.
  • It helps provide structural support for safety.
  • It may keep your home or work from being condemned.
  • It may allow for a sooner return to your property.

Demolition Services

Once in a while, we run across a home that cannot be repaired and poses a hazard to your family and those around you. The condemning process can happen rather quickly and without any hearings or proper notice devastating a family. If it has you determine that your home or business is set for demolition, trust ATEX restoration contractors with the job. They not only have the equipment to perform the task as quickly as possible so reconstruction can begin, but their renovating team has the compassion and expertise it takes to lead  customers through this hard time. ATEX Water Damage Restoration will ensure that every method is used to try to prevent demolition from being necessary, and if destruction must occur, expert Austin contractors will help you pack and inventory those possessions within the home or commercial building that can be saved and restored.